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Vince McMahon Upset With Roman Reigns, Draft Plans Changing?



Plans continue to change for Tuesday night’s WWE Draft on the USA Network. There is no specific reason being given but one person that is close to the situation told Dave Meltzer that draft plans for some major names may have been changed for different reasons.

There are questions about John Cena’s future as a full-time wrestler. As reported yesterday, Cena is only scheduled for the shows in New York this weekend and he is off most house shows for the rest of the year. Cena’s time has been split between WWE and outside projects and he’ll likely be available a lot less for WWE as his Hollywood schedule gets busier. House show attendance has been down about 13 percent since Cena has been off the road full-time.

Meltzer noted that Vince McMahon was very upset at Roman Reigns for failing his drug test and that will probably play a factor into the decision making with the brand split. It’s expected that Reigns will still be pushed like a top guy but the question is if the company still has the confidence to push him as the main guy, especially since fans have rejected his push. They have tried to use Seth Rollins’ promos to get the fans to sympathize with Reigns but that has not worked.


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