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Lucha Underground Reportedly Makes Ricochet A Strong Offer



It looks like there is a chance that Prince Puma aka Ricochet, could end up staying with Lucha Underground. As previously noted, the feeling was that he would eventually wind up with WWE once his non-compete expired with LU.

Reports are that Lucha Underground has made a major offer for him to stay with them. There’s no word on what the offer was but he may end up making more than most of the talent in NXT other than names like Nakamura, Samoa Joe and Finn Balor. It would still be significantly less than any major name on the main roster.

He has said that he would be not be apart of WWE’s Global Crusierweight Series because he’s working the New Japan Super Juniors tournament and then he would be taking time off to spend time with family so he would not be taking any bookings after that point. Obviously, he would not confirm WWE rumors since he is under contract and when he is free and clear to sign with them, WWE would want to keep everything under wraps so they could make the announcement. As of now, unless he decides to sign a new deal, the feeling is that he is done with Lucha Underground but he couldn’t go to WWE until 2017 because the non-compete states that he must wait 6 months after season three finishes airing. WWE wanted to sign him before but couldn’t because he was locked up with LU.

There has been talk of resurrecting the Prince Puma character for season four and if they can’t get Ricochet signed then they may end up putting someone else under the Puma character.

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