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Top Names In Cruiserweight Classic To Be Offered Deals



Several of the top names featured on the Cruiserweight Classic may stay on board after the tournament is over. Cedric Alexander, 26, Kota Ibushi, 34, Mascara Dorada, 27, and Akira Tozawa, 30, are believed to have been offered deals. Also, Yoshihiro Tajiri, 45, is being considered. Dorada is wrestling in the Cruiserweight Classic as Gran Metalik so that should be a sign that a deal has been signed or that they have at least agreed to a deal because WWE does not change a talent’s name if they don’t expect to sign them to a deal.

Most, or all, of the names listed have not signed contracts because they have yet to go through the required medicals and background checks. Ibushi is someone that can go up to the main roster right away and with his neck issues, he may not be able to work at a high level for too many more years.

As previously noted, Johnny Gargano will be working full-time for NXT once he finishes his existing independent dates. Tommaso Ciampa is also expected to start working full-time, presumably in NXT.

Several Cruiserweight Classic stars have already appeared on NXT’s TV taping, including Kota Ibushi.

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