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Dry Socket Opinion: WWENewEra



I’m still waiting for the #WWENewEra to take off. It started out great and with a lot of hope but has since slipped back into the old ways.

WWE’s roster is stacked. I’ve never been a fan of the brand split but we’re stuck with it. The whole idea was to keep the brands and rosters split. WWE marketed it as two separate shows competing yet we’re not even a whole month into the split and WWE is giving us matches that have SD! vs RAW guys. There isn’t enough time to build up each individual show as their own before they go to war. We’re getting the same old stuff despite WWE’s constant hyping of a new era.

WWE needs to show that they’re keeping up with the trends. Whether it’s well-placed pop-culture references during promos or Cole making reference to the Olympics, WWE continues to display their desire to be relevant. This leads to me questioning why they’re using ANOTHER Flo Rida song to hype their PPV. Was Flo Rida ever cool? I know he had that song about the boots and the fur but that was 8 years ago! And P Diddy hosting RAW? The guy was there to hype his new tour. Once again, the host gets to hype his project and WWE gets…nothing.

Last night’s RAW had some decent segments. But the majority of the show was talking and promos. Brock Lesnar/Randy Orton will have main event billing yet they’re not even around to hype their match. Summerslam is less than two weeks away and WWE is still announcing matches for the show. Shouldn’t those already be set and we be building to them? Did we really need the useless squash match for Braun? The Rusev segment had passable comedy, from Reigns, but the segment itself took far too long. By the way, kudos to WWE for bringing in the real-life wedding of Lana/Rusev. That’s what the fans really want to see. And the cake in Lana’s face? Always a classic moment…

I really do like seeing Jericho and Owens team up. They pair well and the comedy is actually funny. I’m sold on Owens. The guy is a brawler and his mic skills are unique and genuine. When he speaks, it doesn’t feel like he is reading from a script. Cass and Enzo being rivals had lead to some funny interviews and I think the teams could compliment each other in the ring.

While I was a little annoyed with the Titus rematch, I do like that he’s feuding with Darren. I’m a Titus mark but I still feel he’s been underutilized to a point where he cannot recover.

I’ve also grown fond of Balor and Cesaro. Seth calling out Balor for not using his real name was a little strange, though. I’m looking at you, Colby Lopez. Pot, meet kettle.

There is hope for WWE to turn it around and RAW hasn’t been as bad as it normally is. I made it through the first hour, last night, before I flipped to the Olympics. During commercial breaks, I’d flip back to RAW but it would be on mute most of the time. RAW just seems like 90% filler. I don’t know if WWE is phoning it in because of the Olympics or what. One thing is for sure, they’ll be facing Monday Night Football and I’m afraid they’ll continue to phone it in until February (right around Wrestlemania season).

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