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Dry Socket Opinion: Smackdown! Notes



WWE Smackdown Logo

*Writer’s Note/Warning: This is not a positive post. Smackdown! was near painful to watch. These are a view observations and thoughts.*

Am I missing the point of this whole brand split? Seriously. Each show is supposed to have its own feel and identity but it is painfully obvious SD! is just trying to copy RAW.

Charlotte interferes with Sasha’s match. Eva interferes and costs Becky her match.

Standard “creepy” promo from the Wyatts, as usual.

Lana and Rusev are the RAW couple. Miz and Maryse are the SD! couple.

Promo video for Lesnar/Orton on RAW. Promo video for AJ/Cena on SD!

RAW has a preshow. SD! has a preshow.

Strowman squashes someone on RAW. Rhyno squashes the underutilized Slater. (I do think Slater’s segment was funny).

Goldust and R-Truth have a Scooby segment. Miz has a Scooby segment.

Carmella has a rip off song of “Fancy”. I guess that keeps with the trend of ripping off popular songs (Jericho’s WCW theme was a ripoff of “Evenflow”, DDP’s was a ripoff of Smells Like Teen Spirit).

Time to piss off the IWC: Eva’s wardrobe malfunction was pointless and planned. It wasn’t edgy. It was a cry for attention. But hey, give a few guys a sneak at the tatas and all is forgiven, right? Why give the women’s division a chance when WWE is just going to have this? At least class it up…

I can’t stand “viperville”. Typical WWE buzzword.

The camera zooming will give anyone motion sickness. It worked in the Blair Witch Project. Not for WWE.

Shouldn’t we just rename Smackdown! and call it the RAW B-Show?

The only entertaining segment, I saw, was Heath Slater complaining about his pool and multiple kids.

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