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Dry Socket Opinion: The Seeds Have Been Planted



Kevin Owens

It’s officially September and Monday Night Football is back. WWE is in dire need to produce a product that people want to see. Monday Night RAW is, once again, going up against Monday Night Football. The WWE fans have been begging WWE to put together a consistently solid show. We need “must see TV”. The company has failed to consistently give us a watchable product. Despite having a stacked roster, WWE has thrown us the same old predictable crap. But the ending to last Monday’s main event gave us much more than a glimmer of hope. WWE gave us “must see TV”.

Putting the belt on Kevin Owens is more symbolic than one may think. Kevin Owens was over before he stepped into a WWE ring. He was over before he even got into NXT. He’s excellent on the mic and his brawler wrestling style makes him a hot commodity. His look goes against the WWE “bodybuilder” mold. Kevin Owens getting the strap just maybe the turning point for WWE. While I won’t hold my breath, I am intrigued.

WWE needed to give us a reason to keep tuning in. They needed to make the fans crave more and want to see what happens next. When Triple H returned and screwed Rollins and Reigns, WWE did just that. Is Kevin Owens the new Authority champion? Was Triple H planting the seeds for future match(es) between Seth Rollins and/or Roman Reigns? Judging by the look Owens made, he was just as surprised as the fans. (By the way, excellent emotion, Owens…that look of surprise made the ending that much better).

But let’s not forget Big Cass. He was in the main event and looked strong. Though he’s still fairly new to WWE, he’s already made a name for himself and Enzo Amore. They had a solid program with Owens and veteran Chris Jericho. Everyone looked strong and came out of the feud with substantial growth. This is what WWE has needed to do for years—establish newer guys into the main event category by building them up with established veterans.

Nia Jax continues to squash her opponents but we’re seeing two special things from WWE. For one, WWE is building Nia Jax up to be a monster. Hopefully she won’t jump on the Total Divas show and water down her character.  WWE needs to keep her from showing too much emotion and only give us the matches. For two, WWE is consistently putting on local female wrestlers. Though they’re getting squashed, these female wrestlers are getting TV time. Having Braun Strowman do the same squash match gets repetitive. One predictable squash match a week is enough.

While I’m getting tired of the New Day and Dana Brook seems to not offer much except for horny wrestling fans, WWE did give us Bayley (who is extremely over). Fans have been itching for her main roster call up. Dana Brook can wrestle but her current gimmick is just pandering to the diva logic. WWE needs to pick one angle (Diva or wrestler) and go with it. This is a transitional period, for the women’s division, and WWE needs to establish clear boundaries between the two.

Once again, we’re stuck with Paul Heyman representing the part-time half-ass worker. As much as I enjoy Heyman’s promos, they’re getting to be as stale as Bray Wyatt’s. The guy is being punished for doping up, in UFC, and WWE continues to allow him to perform for their product. WWE wants to be taken seriously and legitimize their product yet they allow a doper to represent their company. I don’t think that looks too good for their image.

Rumors continue to fly around a possible Dwayne/Vin Diesel match. It’d be great for the next “Fast” movie (I think they’ve surpassed the “Land Before Time” sequels) but the match would be more for Hollywood than WWE. As usual, the match is being built around Dwayne’s favorite method: Twitter. Long gone are the days where we’d hear a decent Rock promo. Now , whenever he graces us with his presence, we get a “where it all began” speech with less emotion than a Lance Storm promo.

While I’m still a Titus mark, these repeat matches don’t seem to be doing anything for the rivalry. They’re almost as much of a snoozefest as a Ryback match. Young has a great manager and should be able to expand his opponent possibilities. It’s fairly clear that Titus isn’t going anywhere (thanks VKM). These matches seem to be filler for a show that has more than enough video packages and commercials.

The “Best of 7 Series” continues. I’m still not a fan of Sheamus but I do like seeing Cesaro wrestle. Here’s hoping he can come out of this program and not lose all steam.

I’m glad to see Jinder Mahal back. I hope he doesn’t stay in the same place, though. He’s able to grow with Sami Zayn.

WWE Creative Humor is one of the best things Twitter has to offer. It is because of them that I actually check Twitter. The hilarity makes me we watch WWE programming.

I still haven’t jumped on the Smackdown! bandwagon, yet. I’ll flip to it during commercials but it still feels like a B-rated show. They haven’t distanced themselves from RAW’s storylines enough.

WWE has set up a solid main event picture that makes viewers want to tune in. Now WWE needs to build the rest of the show. Make the whole show something people want to see. The option to flip the channel, during commercial, risks viewers missing important developments. WWE’s programming is saturated with commercials but the segments between those commercials aren’t necessarily “must see”. We’ve got the seeds planted. Now make the show grow into 3 hours of non-stop action.

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