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Dry Socket Opinion: Favorite Wrestling Themes Volume: 1



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As WWE hypes up their cancer awareness, I’m switching gears. I refuse to support the Komen Foundation and will be boycotting WWE programming, soon. In lieu of watching the product, I’ll be submitting a different style of editorial. Instead of reviewing the shows, I’ll be taking a look back at some of my favorite wrestling themes. It still blows my mind that Jim Johnston isn’t in the HoF. Maybe he’ll get a special award designed for the people behind the scenes. I keep thinking the Ultimate Warrior wanted something like that. Too bad WWE decided to serve their own agenda for that one. Ahh well. I’ll start this off with the guy who got me into watching the WWF.

I was a WCW kid. I started my addiction during the nWo/WCW/Wolfpack era. However, as WCW started to go down the toilet, I found myself watching Smackdown, on Thursday nights. Who was my favorite? The Rock. I know, I bag on him any chance I get. Maybe it’s because I’m still bitter about him going Hollywood. Maybe it’s because his promos just don’t carry the same amount of excitement (there’s only so many times I can hear “where it all began”). Or maybe it’s because he’s Dwayne Johnson and not The Rock. Whatever the case, I can’t forget watching him feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin as Wrestlemania 17 approached. This particular theme was the one he used during that era. Whenever I hear it, to this day, I still get chills. My eyebrows raise. I stop, close my eyes, and cock my head. The classic Adidas breakaway pants and t-shirt just add to the nostalgia. It’s a great tune to get you pumped for your workout, too. From the moment “If ya smellllll” came through the arena speakers to the second he walked through the curtain, The Rock owned the crowd.


Another classic theme that fuels my workout is from none other than Triple H. Whether it’s “My Time” or “The Game”, Triple H had excellent themes that added some extra energy to the entrance. This version, though rare, is my favorite. “My Time” was such a fitting song for Triple H. He was rising as a singles star and taking over the company. This song had a unique phaser effect (I’m a guitar effects geek) and the instrumental pulsed through the veins giving the listener a boost in confidence. It’s hard not to get psyched up when hearing this one.



While this next theme doesn’t play any role in my workout, it is very catchy. Cactus Jack’s WWF theme contains some of the coolest guitar pulls and fills. It’s hard to hear this and not yell “Bang Bang” or grab a trashcan and throw it at someone. Though this theme is often forgotten and lost in the shuffle, Cactus Jack has one of the coolest. Not just in his era but in all of the WWF/WWE catalog.


Switching from the heavy and fast paced guitar to a slower theme, we come to Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Both of his themes evoke some of the strangest emotions and contain some excellent background synths. The Snake’s heel theme is the one I’m going with, on here. While it has the same melody as his face theme, it’s much slower and does not include the same drums. Instead, we hear Jake ask the listener if they trust him. This fitting song sets the tone for Jake’s character, during this period. The eerie feel and uneasy melody set Roberts up for the unstable wrestler who was often questioned on whether or not a partner could trust him.


I’ll close this out with a current. I already know many of you dislike it but I love it. I’m not a fan of current rap. I think it’s crap (shoutout to the West Texas Rednecks). But I do love this catchy song. In fact, the chorus is the ringtone for my fiance. Like Hunter’s and Jake’s, this theme explicitly sets the tone for Sasha Banks. The Sky’s the limit for Sasha Banks


That’s it for this post. Check back soon for another volume on my favorite wrestling anthems. Maybe some of your favs will be included! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all in the comments sections!


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