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Dry Socket Opinion: My Favorite Wrestling Themes Volume: 2



Since last week’s editorial had some great comments, I will move the second volume up a few weeks.

But before we get to that, some quick thoughts on WWE’s current RAW/SD! programs.

RAW has been fairly decent, these past few weeks, but not good enough. They still continue to post low ratings. There’s nothing overly exciting or “must see”. The “Best of 7” series seems like an excuse to the creativity to the wind. There haven’t been any different stipulations and I’m wondering what the payoff will be. However, Kevin Owens continues to impress me. I’m becoming a mark for him. He’s a great brawler and his promos are hilarious. WWE will not give up on Roman Reigns. The guy has to ALWAYS look like the underdog DESPITE the crowd hating him. And has anyone noticed that Dwayne Johnson is STILL a major player for WWE merch? He’s a part-timer (if that) but WWE relies on his name to sell their toys and Network. Some aren’t happy with smaller wrestlers but I welcome the new cruiserweights. I’m excited to see some great matches.

SD! on the otherhand is more than a chore to watch. I honestly can’t make it through a show because of Ranallo. He’s a throwback to WCW’s Scott Hudson and that isn’t a good thing. The constant yelling is on par with JBL and Cole arguing. I can’t really comment on the wrestling content because I can’t focus.

Onto the music!

I’m going to have to eliminate some of the themes that were discussed in the comments because they’ve now been listed. Still, here are five more:

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Glass Shatters (Disturbed)

One of my all-time favorites. It’s heavy and the moment you hear the shattering glass, your blood gets pumping. Perhaps it’s because this was the theme SCSA was using when I started seriously watching the WWF (I was a WCW kid). I remember hearing it at my first WWF Monday Night RAW and feeling the hair on my neck stand up. The crowd was jacked. This is an ass-kicking theme for one of the WWF’s best ass kickers!


Gangrel: Blood 

I remember playing this song on repeat throughout my freshman year of high school. The guitar distortion and wah effect plus Gangrel’s echoed “Are ya ready” made this song fit The Brood. Pairing this with one of the coolest wrestling entrances ever makes this song another favorite.


Chris Jericho: Break The Walls Down (Original WWF Debut Theme)

This is the ORIGINAL theme Jericho used when he debuted with the WWF. With less than PG lyrics, WWE had the words changed.

The Undertaker: Debut Theme 

Another favorite debut theme of mine is the Undertaker’s. The old funeral organ set the tone for the Phenom. I had a tough time deciding between this and his Ministry theme but, since the Ministry theme had already been mentioned, I figured I’d go with this.


WWF RAW is WAR: Thorn In Your Eye + All Together

Back when wrestling was edgy and cool. Back when the WWE was the WWF. Back when wrestling was “Must See”. This theme echoed throughout the arena and was often accompanied by some awesome pyro and Jim Ross welcoming fans to another great show. When The Rock or Stone Cold were walking to the ring for an upcoming match, this song played in the background. It was heavy and it reigned in the Attitude era. To put it simply: This song rocked.


I hope you all enjoyed these five. Sound off below and thanks for reading!

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