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Brock Lesnar vs The Rock? Paul Heyman Comments



The Rock Brock Lesnar

In a recent promotional interview for WWE 2k17 in The Sun, Paul Heyman talked about the possibility of his client Brock Lesnar meeting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the ring one day.

Heyman noted that The Rock never called out Lesnar during any of his recent returns, instead choosing Bray Wyatt and Rusev. After teasing that The Rock may not be ready for Lesnar, Heyman talked about Brock Lesnar’s star power and feels that his client is the biggest draw in wrestling.

“I think Brock Lesnar against anyone is an automatic sell-out,” he said of Lesnar’s drawing power. “Brock does not wrestle 52 Monday’s a year on Monday Night Raw, he does not come to your home town every week, his appearances are rare. They are unique and extraordinary. Which is why, whenever Brock Lesnar appears it is a rare and unique opportunity for the paying customer to see the greatest living athlete in the history of WWE appear live in an extraordinary event that only Brock Lesnar can deliver on. This is why he is the greatest box office attraction.”

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