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Eric Bischoff Comments on TNA Sale “Chaos”




Eric Bischoff weighed in on the rumors about TNA’s potential sale and more in his latest Bischoff on Wrestling podcast. You can check out the audio and some highlights below:

On what comes to his mind when he hears the rumors:

“Chaos. Shear chaos. I have been reading it like everyone else. I don’t have any inside information. I have to give my disclaimer here: I am currently involved in on-going litigation with TNA. I have to be a little bit judicious and careful about what I say. Anything that I am commenting on are things that are in the public domain, so to speak. The other day I read that somebody put a valuation on TNA of approximately $40 million. I have no idea where that number came from. Valuations when you’re selling a company or trying to get investors or an investor company. One of the hardest things to determine is valuation. Back when I was running WCW, when I was first given the responsibility to oversea WCW, it was a company that was grossing $24 million a year. Unfortunately it was losing $10 million in the process. Earlier this week someone said, “Well, the valuation of TNA is probably two times revenue.” Well, that valuation works if you’re profitable but if you’re losing like WCW was, $10 or $14 million a year on $24 million a year in revenue, I guaran-freaking-tee you that company would not have been valued at $40 million.”

On whether he sees any similarities between WWE possibly buying TNA and when WWE bought WCW:

“No, they are completely different from what I can see and what I’ve read. You look at the talent roster in TNA and many of them are under non-exclusive agreements. So, there’s no real value in those contractual agreements. There’s some talented people there, don’t get me wrong. This is in no way a derisive comment with regard to the talent. It’s not like acquiring TNA is going to allow you to just walk those agreements right over to a new company because they are non-exclusive. WWE doesn’t work that way. Trust me. I really don’t see any similarities. WCW was a very powerful brand. Even at the time it was acquired by WWE. TNA doesn’t have the luxury in the marketplace that WCW did. I don’t really see any similarities to be honest.”

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