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WWE Conducting Market Research on Tier System for WWE Network



WWE Network

WWE is conducting market research at the present time to potentially establish “tiers” for the WWE Network. Under this plan, there would essentially be four tiers.

– The first tier would be free but heavily supported by commercials and include limited streaming capabilities and short video clips.

– The second tier would be $4.99 per month and include access to all video clips and the four major PPVs per year among other content. It would only be available to mobile or tablet users.

– The third tier would be $9.99 which would include all video clips, 19 PPVs per year, live NXT shows, complete video archives and be supported by limited commercials.

– The fourth and final tier would be for either $12.99 or $14.99 and would include everything the $9.99 tier would have, as well as access to footage for independent promotions, including possibly ROH and TNA. This tier would be completely commercial free and also include bonus perks such as being able to vote for the WWE Hall of Fame, first access to live event tickets, and invitations to VIP sessions with talent.

– It should be noted that WWE is officially stating that these are hypothetical scenarios and the goal of the research is simply wanting to learn what its fan base values. It’s possible that none of this may ever materialize.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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