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Chyna’s Brain To Be Donated For CTE Research, Return To Adult Film



Chyna’s brain will be donated to science for the purpose of CTE (concussion) research, according to an exclusive report by the New York Daily News.

Chyna’s manager and friend Anthony Anzaldo told the newspaper, “We want to donate her brain. We want to know what made Chyna tick.”

The doctor who would conduct the analysis on Chyna’s brain is Dr. Bennet Omalu, the famed forensic pathologist who discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Dr. Omalu was portrayed by actor Will Smith in the film “Concussion” about the National Football League’s brain trauma epidemic.

Anzaldo reveals that shortly after Chyna’s death, lawyers reached out to him about joining a brain injury lawsuit against WWE. “We’re not interested in the lawsuit at all,” Anzaldo said. “We’re just looking for (the researchers) to give us everything they can get.”
He said he’s in the process of getting approval from the family to begin the process of having her brain examined for scientific purposes.

Vivid Entertainment President Steve Hirsch also spoke to The New York Daily News and stated that Chyna reached out to him just last week to discuss the possibility of her doing another adult film for the company.

Hirsch said he was supposed to meet with Chyna this week, but never heard back from her.

“She called last week, and she didn’t sound 100% great like she usually did, but she didn’t sound bad,” Hirsch said. “She wanted to talk about potentially making more movies for us. We were excited about that. Her movies were some of our best sellers. I told her, ‘Let me know what day and we’ll send a car for you.’ She never called.”

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