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Fraud Involved In Billy Corgan’s Lawsuit Against TNA?



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A number of lawsuits against TNA came to light this week including one filed by Billy Corgan. Corgan had funded some television tapings this year under the belief that he would be buying the company, but Dixie ended up not selling to him. The lawsuit was filed after Corgan asked for his money back since Dixie wouldn’t sell to him, and they didn’t pay.

In an update on this from Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reports that “there’s fraud involved in the lawsuit,” in addition to the money owed.

“[Billy Corgan] not being told of certain financial things and information withheld by Dixie Carter to Corgan that he should have known,” Meltzer said.

There’s a preliminary hearing scheduled for next week in Nashville and the lawsuit may be unsealed. Impact was almost pulled from Pop TV this week due to a music clearance issue, and the show was their least-viewed episode since the company’s early days on Fox Sports 1.

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