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TNA Negotiating With Investment Firm Specializing In ‘Troubled Assets’



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In recent weeks, word got out that TNA is in financial ruin and could be forced to “take on an investor” in the immediate future. As reported by the Wrestling Observer, Aroluxe Media has been funding TNA’s recent television tapings and could assume partial control of the company if TNA defaults on their debts.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, a company called Summit Strategic Investments is in talks with TNA Wrestling about buying into the company. SSI specializes in “transforming troubled assets” and is the company that helped turn around Segway and Fisker Automotive.

What does SSI’s involvement have to do with Aroluxe? As it turns out, Aroluxe Media CEO Jason Brown is the brother of Roger Brown, CEO of SSI. However, the report by Pro Wrestling Sheet states that Aroluxe is NOT in talks to buy a stake in TNA.

In the event that SSI does buy into TNA, it’s expected that TNA will continue to outsource their production (and other functions) to Aroluxe, the company that employs Ron and Don Harris.

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