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Dry Socket Opinion: Random Early November Thoughts




Random Dry Socket Thoughts:


Tonight’s RAW is a taped edition. If the ratings for live editions are barely in the 2s, I can’t imagine taped versions will be any better. Look for WWE to phone it in and use a lot of filler for the show.

Survivor Series has a main event built around two part-time guys that won’t consistently show up. Their last appearance, together, garnered deafening boos from the Wrestlemania crowd. Remind me why WWE is pushing this match so hard? Lesnar draws? Great. But for how long? When will he just stop showing up? Has WWE invested into any full-time guys like they have with Lesnar and Goldberg?

I’m sorry…I can’t get enough of Heath Slater and Rhyno. Slater plays his role so well and the crowd loves him. His “I’ve got kids” t-shirt is one of the best items on WWE Shop.

We bash John Cena and are sick of the gimmick. However, today, I was reminded just how important he is for kids. He’s an amazing role model who preaches a positive message. Yeah, it’s cheesy, but maybe that’s what our youth need, now. In a world where even the Disney Channel has some pretty suggestive content, John Cena provides the clean cut imagine so many kids need to see. I went to the funeral of a little kid and saw he was a huge John Cena fan. Thinking about how young the little boy was, I remembered that when I was his age. I still thought wrestling was real. Yeah, we’re older and we know better, but a part of us will always be a kid. I’ll still criticize the product and roll my eyes at the cheesy gimmicks. But sometimes you just have to take a step back and realize that WWE’s target audience are kids. Kids are already growing up too fast. They might as well have a positive role model to look up to. Cena works hard for WWE and he gives so much back to his fans. Whether it is traveling across the country for a “Make-a-Wish” event or making a surprise guest appearance on a talk show, John Cena seems to love what he does and appreciates his fans. We, as fans, need to remember the kid in us. As far-fetched as the product may be, we need to suspend our disbelief if for even a few hours. We need to lose ourselves in the WWE world in order to escape our own world.

Kudos to WWE for having three traditional Survivor Series matches. Again, it’s a gimmick PPV but it’s also an original.

Did you know Ryback does podcasts? I almost want to like the guy. Then I realize how full of himself he sounds. #TheNextVirgil

Is anyone else ready for the New Day to either break up or try adding some more depth to their gimmick? I was really excited when Woods was captured by the Wyatts. We were about to see some new depth to his character and then nothing happened.

Corey Graves is a breath of fresh air to the commentary team. I liked Saxton, at first. He was professional and CALLED THE MATCHES. In a time when WWE wants to be taken as a serious sport (check the ESPN app—WWE is a category), you’d think WWE would have their commentators act more professional rather than bickering and over-selling the product and the damn network.

I’m surprised WWE hasn’t done some major Presidential election angle. Maybe it’s because they’re still holding on to ties with Trump but don’t want to upset Clinton voters.

What charity is WWE going to exploit, this month?

Kendrick and Perkins are carving a good rivalry and storyline. It’s nice to see some fresh faces getting TV time. Their rivalry is personal but it doesn’t come across as forced.

Survivor Series is a great place to start planting seeds for Wrestlemania. The Rumble is where the road begins. Let’s hope WWE takes this seriously. Padding the stats can only keep you afloat for so long. Attendance is dropping so WWE must raise ticket prices to make up for lost profits. Near empty arenas aren’t good for investors.

WTF is “WWE Roadblock”? Does WWE just try to come up with stupid PPV names?

That’s all for this week! Thanks for reading and PLEASE, stay safe out there.

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