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News On The Undertaker’s Schedule, Jericho on Twitter + More




As revealed on Smackdown, The Undertaker has indicated that he won’t just be wrestling at WrestleMania anymore, implying that he is back as an active wrestler.

To clarify his status, while Undertaker is expected to be more involved in storylines, he is not going to be working a full-time schedule by any means and likely will not even be at any non-televised live events either.

Chris Jericho took to Twitter to respond to Undertaker’s threats:

News on Sin Cara

This weeks WWE RAW event in Buffalo, Sin Cara was not allowed to dress in the regular dressing room that is reserved for talent. Instead, he had to change in the room that the extras like the fake security guys used. It doesn’t appear as if Sin Cara was moved off of Raw permanently and he was simply told to travel with the Smackdown crew for the rest of the Europe tour after his incident with Chris Jericho.

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