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WWE UK Star Mark Andrews Reveals Why He Didn’t Stick with TNA



While speaking to ESPN about the WWE UK Championship tournament, Mark Andrews explained why he left TNA wrestling.

“I had a great time in TNA, but I decided it was time to finish up with them to try and take a bet on myself, because the UK has been such a hot spot for wrestling.”

Mark said that soon as his contract with TNA expired, WWE contacted him about being a part of the tournament and he believes it was perfect timing. He mentioned that he was in TNA for two years and that he had a great time in the promotion as there were no hard feelings when he left. He said that there’s a lot of incredible talent in that company, which includes the roster and staff. He believes that a lot of rumors online make it seem a lot worse there than it actually is and that he wishes them the best of luck going forward.

Mark also said that he never really planned for all of this to happen however everybody wants to work for WWE as it’s the top company in the world for professional wrestling. Mark added, that if WWE didn’t contact him then he would’ve continued to work on the indy scene as he planned on leaving TNA.

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