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Dry Socket Opinion: WWE’s Creative Dry Spell Continues



WWE Survivor Series

With Wrestlemania right around the corner, I’m left wondering where the amazing feeling has gone. The novelty of Goldberg and Lesnar wore off before it even began. Goldberg is easily gassed and Lesnar just doesn’t care. Neither of them appear, weekly, to hype up their MAIN EVENT MATCH ON THE COMPANY’S BIGGEST NIGHT. Rumor has it that the main event will be quick (much like the others). My question is: what’s the point? Goldberg and Lesnar can’t pull in the numbers to back up putting the strap on either of them. Ratings and audience levels continue to decline (hence why WWE continues to hype their Network and give away free PPVs). We don’t need WWE to continue copying UFC’s Holly vs. Ronda. We need WWE to put the strap on someone (who is main event caliber both in and out of wrestling) who is a full time wrestler. Yes, WWE’s only options are John Cena and Randy Orton (more on Cena in a bit). The title holder should be on every show. I know it wasn’t this way, in the 80s, but times have changed. Fans want and deserve more. The fans and everyone involved with Wrestlemania deserve a Wrestlemania caliber main event. Putting the major title(s) on part-timers is disrespectful to every single legend who held it before. It’s almost as if WWE is copying WCW’s crowning of David Arquette. The company is struggling and their reliance on part-time talent has run its course. WWE needs to build a stable of full time guys who are main event caliber. They need to market ALL of these guys to mainstream outlets. Paul Heyman cannot be the only person to hype up the main event on a weekly basis. Twitter isn’t a cure. It’s a cancer. Neither Lesnar nor Goldberg should get away with half-assed appearances.

John Cena is the man. Pure and simple. His gimmick is stale and he’s overly PG. But he’s over. He’s known outside of the wrestling world. Cena appears on talk shows, commercials, movies, award shows, and late night TV. He’s the only true full-time main event star that WWE has. Like it or not, he’s the last guy to carry the WWE banner as we know it. He’s cemented his legacy and must use his star power to build up other wrestlers.

WWE’s Warrior Award will go to Eric LeGrand. This follows suit with WWE’s ignoring of Warrior’s wishes. LeGrand is inspiring but this has absolutely NOTHING to do with wrestling. What has LeGrand done for WWE? Once again, WWE begs for PR and the ESPN spotlight. The feel good moment compromises Warrior’s wishes and WWE’s integrity (what little there is left). Does it make sense? Nope. It’s WWE.

Wrestlemania still looks like a snorefest. The only match I’m intrigued by is the Owens/Jericho one. It’s been a slow build and the two have great chemistry. I’m remotely interested in the RAW Women’s title bout (only because all three women are decent wrestlers for this age). I haven’t paid much attention to Smackdown! simply because I can barely make it through one WWE program during the week. With the exception of those two matches, Wrestlemania just seems like a beefed up RAW. The typical segments will play out (legends, Dwayne/Hogan/Austin, and some Hollywood segments). Expect the cruiserweight title to be defended on the pre-show. Expect Roman to go over, by the way. The Undertaker’s matches haven’t been as great as they once were and, with no streak, the aura has vanished. It’s simply nostalgia at this point.

The days of Wrestlemania being a true grand stage have passed. Let’s all hope TNA hits it big. Even if you don’t like TNA, it will provide some kind of competition for WWE. Until WWE gets legit competition, we’ll be stuck with the same thing.

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