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Dry Socket Opinion: Where Is The Payoff?



I didn’t make it through last night’s “Go Home” RAW. That’s pretty pathetic. The “go home” RAW before Wrestlemania should be stacked. It’s WWE’s last big push to sell their biggest PPV of the year. Some may argue that Smackdown offers the last chance but it often has lower ratings and viewership levels. The final segment, for RAW, felt like a major letdown. At least the two part-timers showed up (one of which being the title holder for the RAW brand). Paul Heyman did his usual shtick (which is getting old), Lesnar danced, and Goldberg speared Lesnar.

I’m left wondering what the payoff will be for WWE. Their main event is a rematch of a squash fail from 13 years ago. Both participants have barely shown up, they haven’t increased audience levels or ticket sales. Goldberg has done nothing to promote the event or the title. At this point, even the most loyal WWE fans are burned out. Goldberg drops the title to Lesnar and then what? Lesnar stays away from the company, for weeks on end, and the title loses what little prestige it has left. Meanwhile, Heyman milks Lesnar’s win over a middle-aged guy. I just don’t get where this is going and why WWE is going in this direction.

WWE invested a lot of time and effort into creating Braun Strowman into a monster. Instead of pushing him into the main event spotlight, he’s in a preshow battle royal. Of course we’ll get Strowman and Big Show facing off (because some big monster has to challenge tweener Big Show). But does the battle royal really mean anything? If WWE wants to build Strowman back up, he’ll have to dominate the match and make it quick. He needs some heat back after losing to Roman Reigns.

But the battle royal isn’t the only match on the kickoff show. The cruiserweight title match (Neville vs. Aries) is also on the card. Once again, WWE invests in Jack Gallagher only to have him…not on the card. Don’t get me wrong, I think Neville and Aries could be fantastic, which brings me to my next question: Why aren’t they on the Wrestlemania card? This match has excellent potential to be the “match of the night”. Which match is going to be more entertaining; Neville vs. Aries or Goldberg vs. Lesnar? I can bet the Goldberg vs. Lesnar match will feature a lot of rest periods where as the cruiserweight match will feature constant action.

As I’ve said before, Roman Reigns could become a top heel IF he beats the Undertaker and does a heel turn. With this possibly being Taker’s last match, it would be a great way to pass the torch. Triple H losing to Seth Rollins would be another torch passing moment IF it is a clean loss.

This Wrestlemania feels like a beefed up Smackdown. It doesn’t feel like Wrestlemania (except that we’ve got Flo Rida and other crap rap performers scheduled to waste time). This may be the Wrestlemania that WWE needs. It may be the show where WWE passes the torch to the next generation of superstars so that they can stop relying on their past legends to sell shows. Sunday night will set the stage for the rest of the year’s storylines. I’m more interested in Monday’s RAW simply because of the crowd.

Will this be the show where the mediocre booking stops? WWE has to be feeling the pressure. You can only doctor the numbers so much before investors start researching and uncovering the truth. Professional wrestling is dying and Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn can take the majority of the blame. Keep those camera zoomies coming, Dunn. It adds to the cheese factor and almost covers up the botches.

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