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Dry Socket Opinion: Post Wrestlemania 33 Thoughts



Last night’s Wrestlemania brought on a mixed bag of emotions. I decided to flip it on about half an hour past the 7PM starting mark. I started a group chat on facebook, with some friends, and we all got into the show. Most of my friends watched the pre-show and enjoyed it. I was busy taking a nap. By the time I began watching, the Shane/AJ match had already started.

Since I do not watch Smackdown!, I had little knowledge of the Shane/AJ storyline. The match was in its final minutes and I watched Shane do the trademark “coast to coast” trashcan spot. He’s been doing this since Wrestlemania X7 and it still impresses me that he can fly without wings. Nice to see AJ Styles win. Everyone, in the chat, thought the match was great and highly entertaining. 

The Owens/Jericho match was pretty good. I’ve said that this was the match I was looking forward to. The build has been great and both guys gel so well. I was glad to see Jericho put Owens over and give him the title. Jericho will be touring with Fozzy and it is appropriate that he allow a full-time worker to take the title. I’m thinking Owens will head into a feud with Samoa Joe. 

Partway through Bayley’s entrance, I was called out. I missed the whole RAW Women’s Title match but I saw that Bayley had won. This was another match that I thought would be good. All four women are decent wrestlers. I look forward to seeing how this pans out. Adding Nia Jax allows her character to further develop and brings her into the main spotlight. She’s had some great squash matches to establish herself as a powerhouse. 

I was still out during the ladder match. However, when I checked my phone, I had numerous messages alerting me that the Hardy Boyz had returned. Growing up, I was a huge Jeff Hardy mark. While I’m sad that I missed their return, I’m interested to see how they’re used. The teenager, in me, is excited to see the high flying action. However, I’m wondering if these established legends will be able (and willing) to put the younger guys over. 

I came back just in time for the mixed tag match. While the result was pretty much what I expected, it was nice to see the proposal. It reminded me of Miss Elizabeth and the Macho Man Randy Savage. I’m sure this will lead to a storyline and a “Total Divas” tie-in. Again, I don’t watch Smackdown! so I’m not too invested in this.

The Rollins/Triple H match played the way I had hoped. Triple H put Rollins over and seemingly passed the torch. While I didn’t understand Seth’s entrance (other than a Final Fantasy tie-in), I had no other major gripes. This win helps Rollins look strong while Triple H keeps his heat. If Samoa Joe doesn’t feud with Kevin Owens, I see him feuding with Rollins. 

The Randy Orton/Wyatt match featured some cheesy special effects. The match was fairly decent and the video effects played into the “mind games”. Randy Orton is the second most over full-time worker for the company and I think it is appropriate that he holds the title. He’s known outside the ring and has appeared in various memes and movies. I hope Wyatt continues to grow and get pushed more into the mainstream. 

The Lesnar/Goldberg match was what I expected. It was a waste of time. A total of four moves and a useless title change. Bill Goldberg did nothing to promote his title reign. He no-sold most of Lesnar’s moves and the match proved that, even 13 years later, Goldberg and Lesnar are still only in it for the money. Now that Lesnar has the title, expect him to be absent from most of the weekly RAW programming. Neither competitor significantly boosted ratings or ticket sales. Heyman will continue to hype up feuds and, to be frank, his promos are getting boring. Rumor has it that Lesnar will drop the title to Reigns. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later. 

The Smackdown! Women’s title match was better than I thought it would be but it still wasn’t great. This match was seemingly used to cool the crowd down before the main event. The hometown girl won but it may go the same route as Ryder winning the IC title (by the way, how prestigious is that title? It didn’t even get defended on the main PPV). 

Rumors swirled about this being the Undertaker’s final match. Many could tell that he was in deep thought as he walked to the ring. I’ve said that the Undertaker can’t go like he used to. That was evident in this match. The match was okay even though Reigns seemed to be in the Goldberg/Lesnar mindset of only using his finishing moves. I’m glad Reigns went over clean (despite the questionable rope break during a no holds barred match). I wish he would have done a few more heel gestures after winning. This would solidify him as a heel (despite Triple H insisting he’s already one). However, the Undertaker’s final in-ring moments brought tears to many fans. WWE did a fantastic job of closing the show with the Undertaker descending into the stage as the funeral bell tolled three final times. Thank you, Undertaker, for entertaining us and allowing us to suspend our disbelief and lose ourselves in the wrestling world.   

Overall, Wrestlemania was a decent show with a few hiccups. The Kevin Dunn camera zooming and quick camera angle swaps were annoying and distracting. Many moves were actually missed because of this and I’m surprised the people watching at home weren’t experiencing motion sickness. The Flo Rida music segment was pointless and time consuming. At least Dwayne Johnson took up time while talking about professional wrestling when he appeared. Thankfully he didn’t show up this year. Did anyone buy the PPV or a ticket JUST for Flo Rida? Did the song REALLY capture the overall feel of Wrestlemania?

WWE does get some kudos, though. The internet was buzzing about the PPV and the morning talk shows highlighted The Undertaker’s retirement and John Cena’s marriage proposal. WWE also ended storylines and created new feuds. Tonight’s RAW should have a jacked crowd. As in years past, the RAW after Wrestlemania is usually pretty good if not better. Tonight’s RAW will show where the company is headed for the rest of the year. It will establish the path that the storylines and characters will take. It didn’t feel like Wrestlemania season but that might be a good thing. Without the overly hyped PPV, we couldn’t get our hopes up too much. The PPV, itself, was good. It was better than in years past. However, WWE needs to continue to invest in the full-time roster and focus on logical storylines. Let the outside ventures stay off the main shows. 

For the first time in quite a while, I’m looking forward to tonight’s RAW. Here’s hoping it is a good one. Thanks for reading!

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