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Dry Socket Opinion: Wrestlemania 33 RAW Fallout



Last night’s RAW marked the first time, in a long while, where I was excited to watch a WWE program. Much to my surprise, WWE did not disappoint. The company put on a solid show from start to finish. While I missed the first 20 minutes, I went back and watched a replay. The crowd was hot throughout the night and WWE used logical booking.

It was wonderful to see Kurt Angle return as the RAW GM. This is exactly how a legend should be used. While he is not wrestling, his presence will be known. His interactions with some of the newer faces could create comedy gold. Angle has a lot to offer and I’m sure that will make for great television.

Roman Reigns was booed mercilessly. Initially, I wanted him to turn full hell and gain even more heat. However, I’m noticing he’s slowly turning heel and teasing the crowd. By only saying a few words, Reigns was able to keep his heat without sounding like a complete buffoon. Less is more.

RAW had some great matches and allowed for some new faces to shine. The crowd demanded Finn to make an appearance and WWE did not drop the ball. Part of me wishes Reigns would have walked out. That would have drawn insane heat and the crowd response would have been more than impressive. However, I am glad we did not get that as I think the crowd’s excitement would have vanished. The main event featured some crowd favorites and sent the fans home happy.

Lesnar’s appearance even allowed Braun Strowman to look strong. Despite being a drain on the company’s budget, it seems that Brock Lesnar may become a full time champ. This would allow the title to gain some prestige and build Lesnar’s feud. I do hope that Paul Heyman adds a bit more to his promos. He’s become a broken record and makes the same statements for almost every promo. I hope that Lesnar appears more and adds some depth to his feuds.

Last night’s RAW was entertaining and held the crowd from start to finish. WWE struggles with consistency so I hope that this is the beginning of a steady increase in product value and entertainment. VKM mentioned that there will be a roster shakeup, next week. This could benefit both brands and allow for some new feuds and stories that fans could easily invest in.

I posed the question, last night, but I’ll ask it again. We’re close to WWE’s annual cleaning of their roster. Who do you think WWE will cut and why? I’ll add another part in asking who you think WWE should bring to the main roster and/or who should WWE sign from outside companies? Which legends (if any) would you like to see and how do you think they should be used? Which feuds would you be interested in watching?


Thanks for reading. I look forward to reading your thoughts and getting a great discussion going!

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