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Dry Socket Opinion: A New Outlook For WWE



RAW wasn’t terrible. The show wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t terrible. Braun Strowman’s attack was the “memorable moment”. Despite the inaccuracies of the medical techniques (force of habit to notice those), for the non-EMS viewer, it was great. This segment brought Strowman’s monster character back. This also allowed for Reigns to be taken off TV. One WrestleCorp member suggested that it was to allow the crowd some recovery period from Undertaker’s loss. This makes sense (though I’m saddened that WWE isn’t taking advantage of the heat and allowing Reigns to go full-on heel). Hopefully this feud pauses and Strowman focuses on something else. Reigns and Strowman both need big wins to continue their progression to the top. Strowman needs it to continue his monster character and Reigns needs it because he ended the Undertaker’s career.

The Superstar Shakeup is interesting. While I haven’t fully bought into it, I have to give credit to WWE. They’re trying to create some new rivalries and storylines. I think I’ll stay tuned to see what happens.

During RAW, the crowd chanted “CM Punk” a number of times. Look, I enjoyed the crazy pipebombs and the reality behind Punk’s promos. But the guy is gone. It’s time to move on and focus on the present. Chanting Punk’s name really does nothing positive. Punk has moved on. So should the crowd.

After talking to one of my buddies, John, we realized we’re living in quite an impressive time (wrestling wise). It feels reminiscent of the territory days where the WWF “stole” talent. WWE has picked up numerous guys from Indie federations, TNA, and NJPW. Samoa Joe, Nakamura, TJP, Finn, and Kevin Owens are just a few (of many) names that WWE has acquired. We’ve been begging WWE to boost their roster and create a diverse group of characters. Going a step further, we’ve asked them to allow each character to have their own voice. WWE has had no choice but to listen to their fans and embrace something different. Not only does this appeal to the casual fan, it draws indie fans. I’ve known John for over fifteen years. He’s exposed me to many different types of matches and federations. I was a WCW/WWF/WWE fan and really had no idea about NJPW or any of the smaller companies until I met him. He’s sent some impressive matches with Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles, Kevin Steen (Owens) and Chuck Taylor (Highly recommend the Steen/Taylor match for so many reasons). In addition to federation exposure, I was also introduced to EWR (the RPG wrestling game) that allows the player to book his own wrestling federation.

I sense some big and impressive changes coming from WWE. They’ve been forced to evolve and grow and I think we’re beginning to witness a major shift in how WWE does things. This year brings in a new and fresh outlook for WWE. I’m staying tuned.


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