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Dry Socket Opinion: Random Thoughts For 4-28-2017



WWE continues to build their roster with amazing and diverse talent. It’s about time the writers follow suit. Get back to the basics and follow logic. Don’t insult the viewers.

RAW and Smackdown! pulled in their lowest ratings of the year. The past two RAW episodes have been so boring, I’ve flipped them off. Nothing is “must see”. The NBA finals are not an excuse to slack off. Give fans something to care about.

A future WWE PPV is being titled “Great Balls of Fire”. How cheesy are we going to get?

Brock Lesnar continues his run as a useless champion. He doesn’t defend the title and the prestige drops at an alarming rate. What’s the point of giving him the title if he doesn’t boost audience attendance and ratings?

The RAW Women’s Division continues to get stronger. I’m impressed with the characters and the wrestling abilities.

If you want a soap opera, watch RAW. If you want WWE wrestling, watch Smackdown! If you want good wrestling, watch NXT/WWE 205.

How does JBL still have a job? I’m surprised WWE hasn’t started hyping “Be A Star” in the wake of JBL’s bullying.

What’s the charity/cause of the month, for WWE?

Wrestlemania planted some great seeds for storylines. The RAW after ‘Mania was solid. Where did it all go?


Mic work is a bigger part of professional wrestling than the ring work. Make the fans believe in you and your character.

Whatever happened to tout?

ADR and Scott Steiner should have a shoot interview on Triple H.

Which five guys should be pushed into the main event picture?

Only a few thoughts since I haven’t been able to make it through the past few weeks of RAW. Sound off below.

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