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OTT Marble Zone Act 1 Results



Here are the results of OTT’s Marble Zone Act 1 on May 6, 2017:

Sammy D defeated Adam Maxted by disqualification

Adam Maxted was disqualified after interference from the Body Bros, Brian Abz, and CT Flexor.

Justin Shape & Logan Bryce defeated Scotty Andrews & Connor Andrews

After the match, Justin Shape kept on beating up Scotty & Connor Andrews until “Pastor” William Eaver appeared on the screen and challenged Justin Shape to a match in June in which Justin Shape accepted the challenge.

Martina The Session Moth defeated Alex Windsor

Zack Gibson defeated Jimmy Havoc

Matt Riddle defeated Kyle O’Reilly

Marty Scurll defeated Donovan Dijak

Sha Samuels defeated B. Cool

Ryan Smile & #CCK (Chris Brookes & Travis Banks) defeated The Kings of the North (Bonesaw, Damien Corvin & Dunkan Disorderly)

After the match, Matt Riddle came out and challenged Ryan Smile for a match for the OTT No Limits Championship in June in which Ryan Smile accepted the challenge.

Author’s Note: This was a good show from OTT that was a lot of fun to watch. If you haven’t already, please watch and support OTT. You won’t be disappointed.

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