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Dry Socket Opinion: Statements I Haven’t Made While Watching RAW



I wish WWE would add some camera tricks when guys go to hit each other.

Jim Ross is overrated.

This show needs more McMahons.

Boy, am I glad Enzo is out here. He’s such a great entertainer.

Wow, WWE. That Bray Wyatt segment gave me chills! It was terrifying!

Tonight’s show has been really unpredictable. There are some really fresh ideas!

Ya know, WWE should add more product placement to their programming.

I wish WWE would steal the six-sided ring idea.

I wish WWE would make another film. They’re always great.

Maybe the crowd should chant CM Punk’s name.

I need to do something but RAW has really been entertaining.

Wow! Those EMTs made that look believable!

Kurt Angle is useless.

Cole needs to talk more.

OH MY GOODNESS! BROCK LESNAR IS HERE! He’s such a great worker and it’s clear he loves being with the WWE.

I miss Ryback.

Bayley isn’t over. She’s just not connecting with the crowd.

I wish WWE gave each wrestler their own nickname.

WWE has been booking logical matches and storylines. Those writers need credit for giving us a great story.

I’m surprised WWE didn’t get higher ratings.

WWE should use Twitter. And I wish Cole would remind us of the hashtag so we can join in on the conversation.

Roman Reigns really sold that move!

Goldberg should come back. His last run was perfect. Same with The Rock. Both of them add so much depth to the show.

A stipulation match would add a lot to this feud. It hasn’t gone on long enough.

That made sense!

WWE sure does listen to their fans. They’ve got their finger on the pulse of pop-culture.

JBL seems like such a cool guy, backstage. I bet he gets along with everyone and enjoys helping newer guys.

WWE should play the race card more often. They’re great at showing the positive sides of having a diverse roster.

Wow! It really feels like Wrestlemania season! I can’t wait!

RAW just can’t get ANY better! I wish the show wouldn’t end.


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