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Why AJ Styles Did Not Compete On SmackDown, Update On Brock Lesnar



– AJ Styles did not wrestle at the Smackdown tapings this week because he’s been banged up. There was an injury scare last month when he landed awkwardly on his head during a match with Alberto Del Rio but he did not miss a beat and he did wrestle on the overseas tour. I should note that a few wrestlers were pretty banged up from that tour but there were no serious injuries.

A WWE source confirmed that Styles was given a break but he is still scheduled to wrestle at this weekend’s live events so he is apparently not too banged up. WWE wants to be cautious with wrestlers that have a history with back and neck issues and, in the case of Styles, they want to make sure he is good to go for his match with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules.

Styles’ back issues flared up last year due to his busy independent wrestling schedule but he credits DDP Yoga for helping him heal up.

– Brock Lesnar is scheduled to return to TV in August. That would likely be the start of the build for a major match at SummerSlam. Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman were talked about as potential opponents at SummerSlam but that was talked about before WrestleMania. Vince McMahon has since cooled off Strowman’s push and plans for him to win the Andre The Giant battle royal were nixed. The original plan was for Strowman to be pushed as a monster throughout the summer but that has obviously been changed.

For those that missed it, Lesnar was originally rumored to be appearing at the Honolulu show at the end of June but that was exactly that, a rumor so he will not be there.

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