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According to a report from Sport Illustrated, they posted the following on their website about the news of Shane McMahon and another person being rescued after a helicopter crashed into the Atlantic Ocean:

A small helicopter carrying the WWE’s Shane McMahon, son of company owner, Vince McMahon, and one other person, had to be rescued on Wednesday after it landed in the Atlantic Ocean.

According to WABC in New York, McMahon’s helicopter departed Westchester County Airport, when at some point, a commercial flight heading to Kennedy Airport heard the emergency call, and relayed it to controllers at a FAA radar facility.

Emergency responders picked up McMahon and his pilot and ferried them to shore. Somehow, they came away from the incident without any injuries.

McMahon spoke about the scare afterward.

The helicopter landed in the water off of Gilgo Beach and two lifeguards raced out in kayaks to retrieve McMahon and the pilot. The aircraft “went down pretty hard,” one of the lifeguards, Don Dobby told Newsday. “We saw a big splash.”

McMahon, though, a guy accustomed to big falls, was “very calm” when rescuers arrived, the other lifeguard, Zak Viverito, said.

Author’s Note: Special thanks to Wrestlecorp User TheDirecTra for the news.

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