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Balor & Joe Continue To Brawl At Live Event, Announcement To Be Made



It appears the action is going off the air & continuing to NXT’s Live Events when it comes to Finn Balor & current NXT Champion Samoa Joe. The two squared off in a rematch, ending with Joe rolling up Balor while holding on to the tights. That sent Balor into a frenzy, and proceeded to brawl after the match. It forced mostly the entire locker room, including Shinsuke Nakamura, to come out & end the brawl. That would not stop Balor as he dove onto the sea of superstars & continued. In the video below, NXT General Manager, William Regal told Tom Phillips that there will be repercussions. On Facebook Live at 11 AM EST, on Tuesday morning at the Performance Center, he is demanding both Joe & Balor show up with plans to announce perhaps a stipulation for their upcoming rematch at NXT Takeover.

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