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TNA Impact Wrestling Not Listed On Fall Programming For POP TV



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There has been very little promotion from Pop TV for Impact Wrestling in recent weeks. The network seemed to be behind them in the early stages but it’s looking like the honeymoon is over. Last month at the Pop TV upfront’s, the network revealed their 2016-2017 slate of programming with a list of returning shows and shows currently in development. Shows like Schitt’s Creek, Nightcap, a new docu-series on child stars of the 90’s, Big Brother After Dark and a show called Unusually Thicke were among the shows listed. Impact Wrestling was not mentioned at the upfront presentation or in any of the press releases sent out by the network and Pop TV President has not mentioned TNA on his twitter account since early March. John Cena, Nikki and Brie Bella represented WWE at the NBC Universal upfronts and Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio were on hand to represent Lucha Underground at the Univision upfronts. There was no TNA presence at the Pop TV upfronts.

Ad Sales EVP Michael DuPont touted the fact that Pop TV has added nearly “100 new blue chip advertisers.” As noted before, advertisers are not spending much during TNA programming. It’s the same reason why Destination America dropped TNA last year.

None of this sounds good for TNA especially after the news last week about Pop pulling the Saturday morning Impact replay. Pop TV’s decision to drop the Saturday morning replay last week follows the same pattern as Spike TV and Destination America. They pulled the plug on TNA’s secondary shows before pulling the plug on the main show.

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