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Former Pornstar: WWE legend ‘was going to kidnap me’

JENNA Jameson has revealed she feared a WWE legend would “beat the f***” out of her boyfriend and steal her away.



PORN legend Jenna Jameson has revealed how she feared WWE icon The Undertaker was going to “kidnap” her.

Jameson, 43, made the claim in her autobiography, “How to make love like a porn star”, and says she used to be friends with the Dead Man.

Taker, who was this week confirmed to be making a stunning return to WWE TV in January, used to hang around with the adult entertainment beauty when he was on the road in Las Vegas.

Jameson says she was only 16 at the time and she used to watch on with shyness whenever the wrestler visited the tattoo parlour she worked at.

In her 2004 book, which spent six weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list, the porn queen claims they ended up becoming good friends and hanging out together.

She wrote: “Undertaker was one of the biggest WWF wrestlers at the time.

“He would put people in coffins and set them on fire in the ring. And the scary thing is, that character he played was not an act.”

Former Porn Actress, Jenna Jameson

Jameson went on to claim that the Phenom, despite being one of the most-feared wrestlers on the planet, was in fact scared of her.

However, despite allegedly being creeped out by her hanging around the tattoo shop, she did reveal how he came to her aid when a guy was pestering her at one of her shows.

The man was attempting to buy her a drink when Undertaker intervened, telling him: “You can get me a shot of Jaeger and you can get yourself a shot of shut-the-f***up.”

Taker, 52, then tried to woo Jameson according to the widely-recognised greatest female porn star of all-time, telling her: “I’m going to kick your boyfriend’s ass and take you away with me.”

She recalled quickly realising it was no joke and making a sharp exit to save her would-be suitor from a severe beat down from the former WWE world champion.

She added: “I knew he was serious. I ran upstairs and told Jordan we had to leave, because this guy was going to beat the f**k out of him and kidnap me. So I never saw him again.”

WWE Superstar, The Undertaker

The Undertaker will be back on WWE TV for the first time since WrestleMania 33 for the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw in the New Year.

It was widely-believed that he had retired from wrestling after his defeat to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania in April, but WWE announced on Monday that Taker will be back for the landmark episode of the company’s flagship show.

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