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TNA Knockout Blasts Company Over Payday



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Shelly Martinez sent out a tweet this week in reference to a “company that can’t get it together.” She teased that she may end up doing a podcast about the situation. She never mentioned TNA but she did work the Knockouts Knockdown pay-per-view a few weeks ago and it’s no secret that TNA has had issues paying talent and people in production on time so it’s very possible that she’s talking about TNA. It should also be noted Martinez had possibly the worst match of all time with Rebel on the show.

Here is the tweet from Martinez:

She retweeted this:

TNA Knockout Jade posted a tweet that appeared to be in response to Martinez. In the tweet, Jade commented about no one caring about their “$70 payday.” She never mentioned Shelly Martinez by name but the timing of the tweet would seem to indicate that she was replying to Martinez. Whatever the issue is, TNA doesn’t need things like this being aired publicly especially when they are in the middle of talks to sell the company and TNA execs are flying to India this weekend to meet with television partner Sony SIX.

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