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NJPW/CMLL Fantastica Mania 2018 Day 7 Results



Here are the results of NJPW/CMLL Fantastica Mania 2018 on January 21:

The president of CMLL, Sophia Alonso, thanked the fans in attendance and said that she wants to continue the working relationship between NJPW and CMLL.

Puma & Disturbio defeated Drone & Star Jr.

Soberano Jr., Fuego & Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Okumura & Roppongi 3K (SHO & YOH)

Los Ingobernables de Japón (Rush, Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi & BUSHI) defeated Satoshi Kojima, Atlantis, KUSHIDA & Hirai Kawato

After the match, Satoshi Kojima and Rush brawled with each other outside of the ring and to the back.

Los Guerreros Laguneros (Último Guerrero & Gran Guerrero) defeated Niebla Roja & Ángel de Oro in a first-round match of the CMLL Brother Tag Tournament

Místico & Dragon Lee defeated La Sangre Dinamita (Sansón & El Cuatrero) in a first-round match of the CMLL Brother Tag Tournament

Volador Jr. defeated Barbaro Cavernario to retain the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship

After the match, Volador Jr. extended his hand towards Barbaro Cavernario where Barbaro Cavernario shook it.

Author’s Note: A good show from NJPW/CMLL. The main event was excellent.

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