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Here are the results of CW Rhodes of Gold on August 4, 2017:

The Cam-An Reconnection (Cam Zagami & Anthony Greene) defeated Da Hoodz (Davey Cash & Kris Pyro) to retain the CW Tag Team Championships

Robo the Punjabi Lion w/ Bakabella defeated Various

Brett Domino was originally supposed to face Brick Mastone, but got attacked backstage as Dan Terry took his place in the match.

Dan Terry defeated Brick Mastone

Elia Markopolous cut a promo in the ring as he talked about how people are here to see Cody, but they’re here to see him too because he’s the CW Heavyweight Champion. He then said that he has been in the back-burner where he didn’t even wrestle on the last show as he has to watch Brian Milonas talking down on the company and he can’t stand it anymore.

Elia Markopolous was about to continue until Cody came in and told him that this is a moment that is special as the top ROH and CW champions are here in the same ring. He then put over Donovan Dijak’s last match and Ted Dibiase’s appearance. He then told Elia Markopolous he wants title vs. title.

Brian Milonas then came out and told Elia Markopolous and Cody that no matter who wins, he’s coming after the title. Elia Markopolous then told Brian Milonas that he doesn’t mind having a three way match for the title. Brian Milonas about to agree with it, but told them he would do it in his own time as he left. Cody turned around and almost got hit by a superkick from Elia Markopolous, but moved out of the way. He then agreed to give Elia Markopolous a title vs. title match.

Donovan Dijak defeated Christian Casanova and Josh Briggs to become the new CW New England Champion

Donovan Dijak then cut a promo in the ring putting over CW and Josh Briggs as this was his final match in the company.

JT Dunn defeated “The Man of Steel” Mike Verna

“Supercop” Dick Justice defeated Chase Del Monte

Elia Markopolous Vs. Cody in a Title Vs. Title match ended in a no contest.

Author’s Note: A good show from CW. A few questionable booking decisions, but very enjoyable overall. If you haven’t already, please check out and support CW. You won’t be disappointed.

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