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Here are the results from The Crash on August 5, 2017:

Alastor, Mirage & Súper Caló Jr. defeated Búfalo Ayala, Fantastik & Viento

Chik Tormenta & Último Maldito defeated Jonathan & Keyra

Rey Horus was originally supposed to be in the four way match, but got replaced by Drastik Boy.

Flamita defeated Drastik Boy, Arkángel Divino, and Black Boy

El Zorro was originally supposed to be in the next six man tag team match, but got replaced by Último Ninja.

Black Taurus, Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Rey Escorpión defeated Último Ninja, Willie Mack & Xtreme Tiger

Daga, Jack Evans & Oráculo defeated Bestia 666, Black Danger & Garza Jr.

La Máscara defeated Penta El 0M in a super libre match

Author’s Note: This was a good show from The Crash. Some good to excellent matches on this show. If you haven’t already, please watch and support The Crash. You won’t be disappointed.

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