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EVOLVE 92 and 93 Results Including Appearance of GFW Star



Here are the results of EVOLVE 92 and 93 from September 22 to September 23, 2017.


Zack Sabre Jr. got in the ring with a mic in hand before the first match as he talked about how he’s a professional wrestler and he loves pro wrestling like the fans do. He said that he and the fans will show how much wrestling means to them and EVOLVE. He said he’s going to prove to the whole world why indie wrestling is setting the standard for everyone.

Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Jason Kincaid

Austin Theory defeated Stephen Wolf

“Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams defeated Darby Allin

Fred Yehi defeated DJ Z

After the match, Jarek 1:20 came down to the ring with money in his hands. He introduced himself and said he was sent by WWN officials to give Fred Yehi a bonus for the performance he had against DJ Z. He got in the ring and asked who thought Fred Yehi’s performance was worth a hundred dollars, then two hundred dollars, and at that point, he gave Fred Yehi two hundred dollars. The crowd wanted him to get more and Jarek 1:20 handed over another one hundred dollars to Fred Yehi.

He then gave more money to Fred Yehi before taking it back, counting them before folding them up and flicking his wrist. He then said that they’re all one dollar bills now. He then threw some of the money at Fred Yehi and said that and a hot dog is what he thinks Fred Yehi is worth before taking his leave.

Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson & Jaka) defeated Keith Lee & Matt Riddle

After the match, Catch Point came into the ring and taunted with Keith Lee and Matt Riddel before leaving. Keith Lee then offered a fist bump to Matt Riddle, but Matt Riddle refused as he raised the WWN Championship towards his face and went off.

Troll Boyz (“All Ego” Ethan Page & ACH) defeated WorkHorsemen (James Drake & Anthony Green) to become the new EVOLVE Tag Team Champions


Fred Yehi defeated Cyrus Satin

Jason Kincaid defeated Anthony Green

Austin Theory defeated James Drake

After the match, Jason Kincaid came to the ring and had a staredown with Austin Theory. Priscilla Kelly then pulled Austin Theory away before anything else happened.

Stevie Fierce defeated Bryce Benjamin, Matt Knicks, and GPA to retain the Freelance Championship

Darby Allin defeated DJ Z

Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson & Jaka) defeated Troll Boyz (“All Ego” Ethan Page & ACH)

Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Keith Lee to retain the EVOLVE Championship

Matt Riddle defeated “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams to retain the WWN Championship

After the match, Matt Riddle called out the EVOLVE locker room to the ring. He then talked about the controversy that has been surrounding the company for a bit before explaining that each and every wrestler in EVOLVE wrestle because they love to wrestle and they love the fans. He hyped up the roster and thanked the fans, but was interrupted by Keith Lee.  Keith Lee explained that he took exception to the way Matt Riddle had treated him after their tag match at EVOLVE 92 and demanded that at he wants to have a Last Man Standing match for Matt Riddle’s WWN Championship. They then brawled with each other briefly before being separated by the rest of the roster. Matt Riddle then raised his WWN Championship up high as the show closed.

Author’s Note: EVOLVE 92 was a good show and EVOLVE 93 was a great show. If you haven’t already, please watch and support EVOLVE Wrestling. You won’t be disappointed.

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