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OTT Vendetta 2017 Results



Here are the results of OTT’s Vendetta on November 4, 2017:

Fabulous Nicky defeated El Ligero and LJ Cleary

Martina The Session Moth defeated Lana Austin to retain the OTT’s Women Championship

After the match, it was announced that Martina The Moth Session will defend the OTT Women’s Championship against Kay Lee Ray in December.

Adam Maxted defeated Bobby George Jr.

After the match, it was announced that Bobby George Jr. will face Paul Tracey in December and if he loses, he will be sacked.

The Kings Of The North (Damien Corvin, Bonesaw & Dunkan Disorderly) defeated Angel Cruz, B-Cool & Joey Janela in a hardcore rules match

Zack Gibson & Charlie Sterling defeated Curtis Murray & Nathan Martin

After the match, it was announced that it will be The Kings of the North against Zack Gibson, Charlie Sterling, and Sha Samuels in December.

Ryan Smile defeated Scotty Davis

Mark Haskins defeated Ryan Smile to retain the OTT No Limits Championship

Jordan Devlin defeated Matt Riddle

Author’s Note: This was a great show from OTT as they’re getting ready for their December show. If you haven’t already, please watch and support OTT. You won’t be disappointed.

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