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Why Charlotte Dropped The Women’s Title, “American Grit” Renewed



– Rumors were swirling that Charlotte’s loss to Sasha Banks was because Charlotte had decided to take time off or she’s being punished for something; however, neither is the case.

The title change on Raw was decided on because they wanted to do something big to kick start the first post-brand split Raw and they were up against the Democratic National Convention. The idea is to do something big each week for the next few weeks. That’s the reason why the held off on Brock Lesnar’s return for this coming Monday. Lesnar was originally set to return last week during the draft on Smackdown and then plans changed and he was pulled from all TV leading up to SummerSlam. Plans changed again and the decision was made to bring him back on Monday’s Raw. things are fine and she is not taking time off. The plan is for her to challenge Sasha Banks for the Women’s title at SummerSlam.

– John Cena’s “American Grit” TV series is coming back for a second season. FOX has reportedly renewed the series for another season, according to The first season of the show struggled in the ratings as the series premiere drew 2.43 million viewers and the season finale drew 2.16 million viewers.

Cena has reduced his role in WWE as he only works selected live events and is working live episodes of SmackDown Live and pay-per-view events. Cena is still advertised for some live episodes of RAW.

While there’s no premiere date for the second season, casting for the new season is ongoing. Cena is teaming up with Leftfield Productions for the new season after they announced a partnership agreement in July.

Cena could work around his WWE schedule, but he is expected to take time off while filming American Grit.

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