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Role-Playing Reminder: “NXT Challenge: Christmas Carnage II Fallout” Next Week and The Rules for NXT RP are in the RP Thread



Hello everyone, this is Vaude Influence.

Just to remind everyone that on next week on Wednesday after NXT and Lucha Underground, it will be “NXT Challenge: Christmas Fallout” where the fallout of “NXT Challenge: Fatality” will take place.

The following segments will take place on that date:

  • The debut of Black Tiger
  • With Colt Cabana getting the win on Thrawn Strowman, what’s next for Colt Cabana?
  • With Suplex Wrecking Crew becoming the new NXT Fan/Mark Tag Team Champions, who will be the first contenders for the NXT Fan/Mark Tag Team Championships?
  • Bobby Roode retained his NXT Fan/Mark Takeover Championship against James Storm in a no contest. Will Bobby Roode cash in his NXT Fan/Mark Takeover Championship for a shot at the NXT Fan/Mark Championship?
  • Chris Jericho has retained his NXT Fan/Mark Championship against Jessica Jones. Who’s next to face Chris Jericho for the NXT/Fan Championship?
  • Natural eXhilarating Talents have defeated The Gentlemen’s Crew and now The Gentlemen’s Crew has disband. What’s next for the Natural eXhilarating Talents?
  • Bad Influence still have some issues against Vince McMahon and wants his match against him after not facing him for almost two years. Will Vince McMahon finally face Bad Influence?
  • And so much more!

In case, we don’t fit all of these segments on that day, we’ll continue the rest on Friday.

Also, this is the month where “NXT Challenge: Christmas Carnage” took place as eight men fought for the NXT Fan/Mark Championship with EC3 walking out victorious. Not only that, this month was the month that we hosted the RP Awards last year and this year, the RP Awards will return. More information later on the week.

Thank you all for supporting this and let’s continue this for the foreseeable future.

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