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Scandal’s Top 10 Best WWE Bods of 2016



10. Tyler Breeze

Starting off our list is Prince Pretty himself, Tyler Breeze. Currently teaming up with Fandango (whom I’d consider putting at 11 on this list) on Smackdown Live, Tyler is a head-turner from Canada. A lion in human form, his blonde hair makes women jealous and his toned body makes men envious. I guess we can’t all be pretty Canadian boys.



9. Mandy Rose

At number 9, we have Mandy Rose, the Golden Goddess. She’s presently a trainee in NXT. You might remember her from the 2015 season of Tough Enough where she was a runner-up. To be honest, she should have won, as her presence in the ring and on Total Divas has shown us thus far. A former fitness model, Mandy was born to be a winner, as she already won two fitness competitions in the past. Those accomplishments just further prove that her uniquely sexy physique was made to be put on this list.



8. Cesaro

The Swiss Superman, one half of the current Raw tag team champions, Cesaro, comes at number 8. A native of Switzerland, Cesaro is not only fluent in five languages but he’s also one of the greatest in-ring competitor that ever stepped foot in a WWE ring. His body structure allows him to perform a plethora of moves inside the squared circle that you’d never guess you’d see from a man of his size. Not only does his body make him look really good on the eye, but his otherworldly strength just cements his position on the list.



7. Becky Lynch

It’s lass kicking time! Becky Lynch arrives at number 7 on this countdown! A former Smackdown Live women’s champion, Becky is unanimously a favorite of the WWE fans, be it for her in-ring skill, her personality or her very attractive Irish figure. From the information I collected, fans that are fascinated with her are really into her strongly built arms and shoulders and also her prominent thighs. I don’t blame them, since I’m one of them too!



6. Randy Orton

Slithering down on our number 6 spot is the Viper, Randy Orton. The WWE veteran of our countdown, Randy is a twelve-time world champion, holding the WWE championship 8 times and the World Heavyweight championship 4 times. A guaranteed future hall of famer, the Viper is one of those wrestler that can play a downright heinous psychopath and still get cheered by most women in the arena he is in… And boy, I understand that completely.



5. Apollo Crews

We’re halfway through there! At number 5, we have Apollo Crews. Even if Apollo didn’t really find his groove on the main roster yet, he is still one the superstar with the most potential in the company. His infectious good-will and his body of a Greek god can only take him so far in the working echelon though. I’m sure he has some kind of bad boy blood running through his veins that can make him the future of this generation though.



4. Lana

I hope Rusev doesn’t crush me for this one… The number 4 spot goes to the Ravishing Russian, Lana. One of the most memorable manager of the new era, Lana is well-remembered as a bad girl on our television screen. During the summer of 2015, the beautiful Lana had a change of character… simply because the fans thought she was smoking hot. Only a handful of wrestlers or wrestling personalities can change allegiance simply based on the looks they have and the perception of the fans, and Lana is definitely one of them!



3. Eva Marie

Shut up, Tom! The Red Queen, Eva Marie, makes the top 3! A controversial figure in the world of sports-entertainment, Eva Marie is definitely worthy of placing very high on this countdown. The red-haired babe was drafted on the blue brand (ironic, isn’t it?) during the most recent WWE draft and has been well-handled by the creative team since now. She’s mostly a very sexy woman and a reality TV star, and not a wrestler. I guess that’s why her character fits the bill perfectly.



2. Emma/Emmalina

Our runner-up is Emma.. or Emmalina.. I don’t know, and I don’t care, she’s as hot as the Australian desert so being confused by her many names is not important. Starting off as a bubbly and awkward girl in NXT and in her first run on the main-roster, nobody really thought she had the potential to be a top candidate to be the hottest woman in the company. Ever since her shift to an evil character, Emma’s popularity has been reaching all-time highs since her new character allowed her to show off her sexuality to the maximum.  I think we can say that the ugly duckling can definitely become a beautiful swan after seeing her #emmalution.



1. Finn Balor

Here we are. The number one spot. This might be biased coming from me but… Finn Balor just has the best physique in WWE currently, male or female combined. The former Real Rock ‘n’ Rolla detains the longest NXT championship reign of all-time and was also the first ever WWE Universal champion. One of the most popular wrestler of the current generation, he is loved by all the demographics: the children for his cool-factor, the smarks for his legacy, the men for his in-ring skill and attitude and the women for his absolutely gorgeous looks. Be it in his badass leather jacket or his mysterious body paint, Finn’s rock-solid abs and overall body structure is sure to make hearts melt.

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