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Ronda Rousey Would Be Welcome In WWE – Lana



WWE’s Lana gave an interview to recently and she talked about a lot of different issues, from her upbringing in Latvia, her music and acting careers, how she got to WWE and the company.  She was also asked a question about Ronda Rousey and whether she could have a place in WWE.

Here is the exchange with Lana on Rousey:

Shifting gears a little bit, Ronda Rousey, who has a bit of history with WWE—she was at Mania a couple years ago, she was in the ring with The Rock, Stephanie, and Triple H —came off another loss in UFC. There’s been speculation that maybe she’d want to try to come to WWE, and start a new path there. Is that something you think could be realistic for her?

Lana: I mean, if she wants to do it, she’ll definitely have a place in WWE. For sure. We (professional women wrestlers) are where we are because of her. She influenced so much. She main evented UFC. She made women’s fighting a headline. She was one of the big people who changed the game, and Vince is brilliant. Vince is one of the most brilliant businessmen, so he sees the way the world is changing. So I think Ronda’s a huge part of changing the way WWE is now. Of course she always has a place in WWE. She’s an amazing athlete and would bring a huge mainstream draw. Obviously, my bosses love her. I mean, who wouldn’t love her? I would be scared to fight her [Laughs]. I better practice my Holy Holm kicks.


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