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Role-Playing Reminder: “NXT Challenge: Corruption” In Two Weeks



Hello everyone, this is Vaude Influence.

Here is the following schedule of Role-Playing for the next few weeks:

June 9, 2016: Interview and contract signing with Swagsuke Nakamura and Cactus Jack hosted by Jimmy Olsen.

With these two having issues with each other, what will happen when these two men meet each other in the same ring once again?

June 16, 2016: “NXT Challenge: Road to Corruption”

“NXT Challenge: Road to Corruption”

NXT Fan/Mark Takeover Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match

Kenny Omega Vs. Yogurt

NXT Fan/Mark Takeover Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match

Seth Rollins Vs. Johnny Mundo

June 23, 2016: “NXT Challenge: Corruption”

“NXT Challenge: Corruption”

2 out of 3 Falls #1 Contender Tag Team Match

Weed The People Vs. The Young Bucks

Steel Cage Match

Bad Influence Vs. Brock Lesnar

NXT Fan/Mark Tag Team Championship Match

The Mistletoe Wonders (c) Vs. Ambush Bug and a Partner of His Choosing

NXT Fan/Mark Championship Last Rite Match

Swagsuke Nakamura (c) Vs. Cactus Jack

June 30, 2016: “NXT Challenge: Corruption Fallout”

The fallout of “NXT Challenge: Corruption”.

Also, two days ago, was the one year anniversary of “NXT Challenge: Total Chaos” where the NXT Fan/Mark Tag Team Championship Tournament started and the night where Finn Balor became the NXT Fan/Mark Champion who still holds the record of being the longest reigning NXT Fan/Mark Champion on NXT history.

Thank you all for supporting this and let’s continue this for the foreseeable future.

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