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Role-Playing Reminder: “NXT Challenge: Immortality” Starting on July 27 and July 29



Hello everyone, this is Vaude Influence.

Just want to remind everyone that on July 27 after CWC and July 29 at 7 PM ET/6 PM CT/4 PM PT/12 AM GMT, it’s “NXT Challenge: Immortality”.

Here are the cards for each night.

July 27:

#1 Contender Tag Team Match: The Mistletoe Wonders (Alex Shelley & Jimmy Jacobs) Vs. The Young Bucks

NXT Fan/Mark Takeover Championship Tournament Finals Match: Kenny Omega Vs. Seth Rollins

July 29:

NXT Fan/Mark Tag Team Championship Match: The Following (Bo Dallas & Silas Young) (c) Vs. Weed The People (Grouch & Jeff Hardy)

NXT Fan/Mark Championship Elimination Chamber Match: Austin Aries Vs. Bad Influence Vs. Marty Scurll Vs. Lance Storm Vs. Adam Cole Vs. Matt Hardy (Special guest referee: Kevin Owens)

August 5, 2016: “NXT Challenge: Immortality Fallout”

The fallout of “NXT Challenge: Immortality”.

Here are the rules of the Elimination Chamber match: Two men will start the match and it will go up to five questions. In the fifth question (Which will be a bonus question on the Elimination Chamber history), the person with the lowest score will have to answer the question. If the person answers the question right, then they will remain in the match and the next participant enters the match. If the person answers the question wrong, then that person is eliminated and the next participant enters the match. The new participant in the match will be chosen at random. Once the new participant enters the match, the score will then reset and the process will keep continuing until all the participants have entered the match. The person who is the last man standing will be the winner.

Thank you all for supporting this and let’s continue this for the foreseeable future.

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