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Role-Playing Reminder: “NXT Challenge: Immortality Fallout” on August 5



Hello everyone, this is Vaude Influence.

Just want to remind everyone that on August 5 at 7 PM ET/6 PM CT/4 PM PT/12 AM GMT, it’s “NXT Challenge: Immortality Fallout” where the fallout of “NXT Challenge: Immortality” takes place.

With Grouch and Ricochet attacking The Vaudevillains, how will The Vaudevillains respond for their attacks?

Texano wants a match with The Vaudevillains, but The Vaudevillains refuses and gives Texano a match at the next NXT Challenge. Who will The Vaudevillains give Texano to face at the next NXT Challenge?

The Young Bucks have earned a shot at the NXT Fan/Mark Tag Team Championships against the former members of The Following, Bo Dallas and Silas Young. What will happen when these two teams collide for the NXT Fan/Mark Tag Team Championships in the near future?

Seth Rollins has won the NXT Fan/Mark Takeover Championship Tournament and has become the first ever NXT Fan/Mark Takeover Champion. Now, a decision must be made. Will he keep the championship and takeover the Takeover division or will he cash his title in for a shot at the NXT Fan/Mark Championship and try to takeover the main event scene?

EC3 took out Bad Influence before he got inside the chamber, how will Bad Influence respond to EC3’s actions?

Jay Briscoe took out Adam Cole after he got eliminated from the chamber, what will happen when these two go face to face once again?

The Following have turn away from their master, Pastor William Eaver. What will happen to the former Following now?

Marty Scurll has won the Elimination Chamber and has become the seventh NXT Fan/Mark Champion in history. Who will be his first challenger for the title?

All this and more, only on the Role-Playing Thread!

Thank you all for supporting this and let’s continue this for the foreseeable future.

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