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Wrestlecorp’s IWC Role Playing Thread



WWE Role Play

Welcome to WrestleCorp’s Playing of Wrestling, when you join, you become a part of a league of some of the Internet Wrestling Community’s finest group. To start, pick from one of our many open spots at the moment (below)! Next, you will learn the rules and have unofficial matches until you become an official part of the WrestleCorp’s IWC roster. The Rules are simple:

* Follow all the rules, including the general rules.

* Anything the mods say also counts as a rule that you have to follow.

* Do not start role playing until the mods approve your character.

* Every member may have only up to 5 characters (A tag team is one character).

* Please follow the format set up for your characters’ profiles.

* Do not make invincible characters; IE; Super Cena ETC.

* No killing characters unless it’s a part of a storyline for RP.

* We are open to do any type of trivia questions depending on the show and so forth.

* These rules may be added to or changed, so please check them every now and then.

* Be active. If you are inactive, your character will either be deleted or given to somebody else. If you are going on vacation or have another valid reason for absence, please let the mods know beforehand.

* Do NOT say what other characters are doing, even if you say it indirectly. Example: You can NOT say something like this: “Aries looked around and Jacobs staring at him.”, unless the person who role plays Jacobs said that Jacobs was staring at Austin Aries.

* Please use proper grammar to the best of your ability. This is actually very important, because otherwise in the role play it can be hard to differentiate between what the character is saying and doing. Do not forget to use quotation marks when the character is talking.

* When you say something other than in the RP, say it in parentheses, like this: ((Can Cole beat on Ambush Bug?))

* Do not write extremely long paragraphs without giving another person a chance to participate in between, especially in fights.

* If you have questions, post in the Gorilla Position. The mods will try to answer as soon as possible.

* Repeated breaking of rules even after being warned will result in being deleted from the group.

Here are the rules for NXT RP:

  • The points for bonus questions will now be only the amount of points for that certain match. For example, a normal match bonus question is worth two points, on a Pole match bonus question is worth three points, a Last Man Standing match bonus question is worth three points, etc.
  • Anyone can be a referee for any match as long as you’re not in the match. Just talk to me if you want to be a referee for a certain match or not.
  • Once you have your character set in for a feud, you cannot change the character until that feud is over unless the character is injured or for any storyline purposes. Other than that, you must keep playing as your character until the feud is over.
  • You can only have up to 4 different characters at a time. If you have more than four, you have to give up that character. If you want to give up that character, that character has to retire, leave, or die.
  • Every match will have 7 questions while title matches will have 10 questions. However, if we have less time for a show, the match will be shortened to 5 questions. If we have more time for a show, it will be 15 questions and more. It will also depend on the type of match as well.
  • Managers are now included in NXT RP. Managers can be involved in the match that could help their players to earn points in their match.
  • Going forward, I’ll let you guys decided on which days and times you can have your segments where you can do whatever type of segment you want for your particular feud/storyline. How this will work is for you to post your ideas/plans on the RP articles or you can message your ideas/plans to me on Facebook at Guang Ni or on Twitter @VaudeInfluence.- You can only have one segment per week  as it could be an in-ring promo segment, a backstage segment, interview, contract signing, brawls, matches, etc. For example, let’s say I picked November 4, 2016, and I have a segment on that day with Bad Influence and The Vaudevillains in a in-ring promo segment. After that, on November 9, 2016, I have a sit-out interview that involves Bad Influence and The Vaudevillains. On November 18, 2016, I have a brawl that involves Bad Influence and The Vaudevillains. The example above is an example on your plans/ideas for your feud/storyline.- Now, if any of those days don’t work with you, you can pick a day in that week that isn’t on the schedule. However, if you’re going to do that, you need the person who you are working with to cooperate with you to see if they can make it on that day. For example, let’s say I want to do a segment on Tuesday, November 1, 2016, and I’m working with JD in this storyline/feud. I need to talk to JD to see if he can make it on that day, if yes, then we do on that day. If not, we have to find some other day to work with our segment.- Also, if you do choose a day that isn’t on the schedule, let your partner (the person that you’re working with) know and let me know and we’ll find a way to arrange it. Plus, if you guys want someone to monitor you to do the segment, either ask me, JD, or 52 to monitor you guys on doing the segment on that particular time and day. If not, you guys are your own and you get to pick the time on when you want to do it. However, it must be done on the Role-Playing Thread and you have to let me know ahead of time.
  • If you are planning a match for your storyline/feud that isn’t your opponent for the special event, then you must let me know who your opponent is ahead of time. It can be anyone on the roster expect the person you’re feuding with and the people that in the special event card/road to shows.
  • A roster list of characters for NXT RP is displayed in this thread where the characters are either full-time, part-time, or inactive. This will help players on which characters to play as, who’s who, and so forth. Players that are playing in RP or wants to play in RP must do the roster part in order to participate in the shows.- For the roster page, you must do the following: (Character Name/Full-Time or Part-Time/Role), if it’s a tag team, (Tag Team Name/Full-Time or Part-Time/Character Names and Who’s Playing Who). Here’s an example of each: (The Vaudevillains/Full-Time/General Manager), (Sweet Pistols/Full-Time/Silas Young – 52, Bo Dallas – Seth).
  • If a character you want to play as has been taken, ask the person who has the character to see if they let you play as the character or not. You are allowed to play as inactive characters until the player who plays the inactive character comes back.
  • Be on time. If you’re going to miss an event/show, please let me know ahead of time and I’ll find a replacement for you on the show. You can contact me on the site, message me on Facebook at Guang Ni, or message me on Twitter @VaudeInfluence.
  • There won’t be anything related to contracts till 52 said so.
  • No gimmick matches unless 52 said so or someone else wants to include it in their feud.
  • No over powered characters that are untouchable.
  • 52 won’t always be there for RP. If there is someone there who can take care of things and not let it get out of hand, you may continue your segment/match.
  • No talking over each other and doing segments while others are doing theirs.
  • Never insult Flair or nothing happens (Insult Ric Flair, but praise David Flair.)
  • Besides the rules being given, do whatever you want.
  • Most important of all, have fun.

NXT RP Roster



(David Otunga/Wrestler) – NXT World Champion

(Matt Taven/Wrestler – JJ)

(Bray Wyatt/Wrestler) – Seth

(Kenny Omega/Wrestler) – Seth

(Penta El 0M/Wrestler) – Naka

(Samoa Joe/Wrestler) – Swings

(Cesaro/Wrestler) – Swings

(AJ Styles/Wrestler) – P1 – NXT Intercontinental Champion

(Baron Corbin/Wrestler) – eX

(Ricky Morton/Wrestler) – NXT Takeover Champion

(Chris Jericho/Wrestler – Seth)

(Razor Ramon/Wrestler) – Chico

(Intellects and Brawns/ Snitsky (52) & Matt Striker (52)) – NXT Tag Team Champions

(The Boys – Vaude)

(Chosen Bros / Jeff Cobb – Naka & Matt Riddle – Naka)

(High Timer’s / Razor Ramon – Chico & Rob Van Dam – Doc)

(Keyblade Warriors / Sora – Vaude & Roxas – Vaude)

(Mario Bros./Interviewer & Referee) – Vaude

(Ambush Bug/Interviewer) – 52

(Jimmy Olsen/Commentator & Referee) – 52

(Jason Vorhees/Commentator) – Cap

(Bad Influence/General Manager) – Vaude

(Paul Jones/General Manager) – 52



(Bad Influence/Wrestler) – Vaude

(Karl Anderson/Wrestler) – Steenchez

(The Pun Guy/Wrestler) – Swings

(Thrawn Strowman/Wrestler) – Thrawn

(Jack Gallagher/Wrestler) – Naka

(Jack Napier/Wrestler) – Chico

(Jimmy Jacobs/Wrestler) – JJ

(Tyler Bate/Wrestler) – Naka

(James E. Cornette/Manager) – Chico

(Bad News Barrett/Referee) – Swings

(Joesph Gordon Levitt/Interviewer & Commentator) – eX



(Seth Rollins/Wrestler) – Seth

(EC3/Wrestler) – EC3

(Kazuchika Okada/Wrestler) – Okada

(Grouch/Wrestler) – Grouch

(Weed The People (WTP)/Grouch – Grouch & Da Count – Grouch)

(Rusev/Wrestler) – JD

(Captain America/Wrestler – Cap)

(Shinsuke Nakamura/Wrestler) – Naka

NXT World (Fan/Mark) Championship History

  1. Big Boss/Ultron/Arkham Knight (Shogun) [Became the first champion by winning a battle royal as Big Boss. Later changed into Ultron as Big Boss had other duties to fulfill. Later changed into Arkham Knight as Brock Lesnar destroyed Ultron.]
  2. Batman/Bo Dallas (Seth) [Won the championship in a Hell in a Cell match as Batman and later revealed himself as Bo Dallas.]
  3. Corey Graves (eX) [Vacated the title after the relationship between Finn Balor and The Vaudevillains which made him leave NXT for a short period of time.]
  4. Finn Balor (Balor) [Won the championship against Bo Dallas and is the longest reigning NXT World Champion in history with 182 days without defending the title once.]
  5. EC3 (EC3) [Won the championship in a 8 Man Gauntlet match.]
  6. Shinsuke Nakamura (Naka) [Vacated the title after an attack from The Gentlemen’s Crew.]
  7. Marty Scurll (Balor) [Won the championship in a Elimination Chamber match.]
  8. Austin Aries (eX) [Won the championship in a Last Man Standing match.]
  9. Seth Rollins (Seth) [Won the championship in a Three Way match that involved Austin Aries and Marty Martinez while also being NXT Takeover Champion. Vacated the title for pursuing other career goals.]
  10. Chris Jericho (Balor) [Won the championship against Rypun and was later played by Naka.]
  11. Bobby Roode (Naka) [Won the championship after successfully cashing in the NXT Takeover Championship.]
  12. Kazuchika Okada (Okada) [Won the championship after replacing an injured Sabu and is the shortest reigning NXT World Champion in history with five minutes.]
  13. Adam Cole (Cole) [Won the championship after successfully cashing in the NXT Takeover Championship.]
  14. Bray Wyatt (Seth) [Won the championship in a Three Way match that involved Adam Cole and Baron Corbin.]
  15. Matt Taven (JJ) [Won the championship after successfully cashing in the NXT Takeover Championship.]
  16. Bengala (Bengala) [Won the championship in an open challenge against Matt Taven.]
  17. Little Guido [Won the championship in an open challenge against Bengala.]
  18. David Otunga (Bengala) [Won the championship in an open challenge against Little Guido in an Extreme Rules match.]

NXT (Fan/Mark) Tag Team Championship History

  1. The Common Denominators of Greatness (Austin Aries (eX) & Johnny Mundo (EC3)) [Originally it was Austin Aries & Jay Lethal, but Jay Lethal got injured and was replaced by Johnny Mundo in the NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament. Won the championships in an Ultimate X 3-Way Tag Team match involving The Young Bucks and Age of the Fall in the finals of the NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament. They are the longest reigning NXT Tag Team Champions in history with 140 days.]
  2. The Mistletoe Wonders (Jimmy Jacobs (JJ) & Alex Shelley (Cole)) [Won the championships in a Tables Elimination Tag Team match.]
  3. Sweet Pistols (Silas Young (52) & Bo Dallas (Seth)) [Bo Dallas was originally played by Seth before 52 took over Bo Dallas and vacated the titles after getting sick of The Young Bucks getting title shots.]
  4. Suplex Wrecking Crew (Sami Zayn (eX) & Taz (52)) [Won the championships against The Young Bucks.]
  5. Elbows & Superkicks (Richie Steamboat (JJ) & Chris Hero (Cole))/ Star Express (Kassius Ohno (Cole & Lio Rush (52)) [Richie Steamboat was injured and was forced to retire as Lio Rush took his place and Chris Hero changed his name to Kassius Ohno.]
  6. High Timer’s (Razor Ramon (Chico) & Rob Van Dam (Doc)) [Originally it was Sabu and Rob Van Dam, but Sabu left NXT to pursue a different company. Rob Van Dam then offered Razor Ramon a spot in High Timer’s.]
  7. Chosen Bros (Jeff Cobb (Naka) & Matt Riddle (Naka)) [Won the championships in a Three Way Tornado Death Tag Team match involving High Timer’s and The Broken Hardys.]
  8. The Boys (Vaude) [Won the championships in an open challenge and is the shortest reigning NXT Tag Team Champions in history with two and half hours.]
  9. Intellect and Brawns (Snitsky (52) & Matt Striker (52)) [Won the championship when Ryan Seacrest stripped The Boys from the championships and handed the titles to them.]
  10. The Boys (Vaude) [Won the championships on an episode of “NXT: Thunder” and are the first ever 2x NXT Tag Team Championships in history.]
  11. Intellect and Brawns (Snitsky (52) & Ryan Seacrest (52)) [Ryan Seacrest replaced Matt Striker to win the NXT Tag Team Championships.]

NXT (Fan/Mark) Takeover Championship History

  1. Seth Rollins (Seth) [Won the championship in a tournament and the first person to hold the NXT Takeover Championship and NXT World Championship at the same time.]
  2. Bobby Roode (Naka) [Won the championship in a match against CM Punk and the first man to successfully become NXT World Champion by cashing in the title.]
  3. James Storm (Naka) [Won the championship in a gauntlet match.]
  4. Adam Cole (Cole) [The shortest reigning NXT Takeover Champion in history as he held the belt for an hour.]
  5. Matt Taven (JJ) [Won the championship in a match against Brad Maddox and renamed the NXT Taven Sex Grenade Championship. He is the longest reigning NXT Takeover Champion in history with 97 days.]
  6. Ricky Morton [Won the championship in a match against Alberto El Patron in an open challenge.]

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