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Role-Playing Reminder: “NXT Challenge: Devastation Fallout” This Thursday



Hello everyone, this is Vaude Influence and I have returned to Wrestlecorp!

Just have to make an announcement that “NXT Challenge: Devastation Fallout” will be this Thursday at 7 PM ET/6 PM CT/4 PM PT/12 AM GMT on the Role-Playing Thread.

This show will be the fallout of what happened at “NXT Challenge: Devastation” last week.

With four men moving on to the NXT Fan/Mark Takeover Championship Tournament, which two men will get one step closer to the ultimate prize?

With Weed The People defeating The Young Bucks, they finally got their retribution. However, what’s next for Weed The People?

As “The Best Tag Team in the Bus-i-ness” and “The Beast Incarnate” suppose to square off, Brock Lesnar was nowhere to be seen. Bad Influence issues a challenge to Brock Lesnar in a Steel Cage match at the next NXT Challenge, but will Brock Lesnar accepts?

Plus, The Mistletoe Wonders have retained their NXT Fan/Mark Tag Team Championships. Which team is next in line for the gold?

Finally, after the end of the main event at “NXT Challenge: Devastation”, a new challenger approaches to the champion Swagsuke Nakamura in the form of Cactus Jack. What will happen when this match is made official?

All this and more, this Thursday, only on the Role-Playing Thread!

As of two days ago last year, it was the one year anniversary of “NXT Challenge: Defiance” which was the first ever NXT Challenge ever held in WeAreWrestling/WAWNation/Wrestlecorp.

This was the show where the two rookies Scorpio and Wimpy Kid fought to determine their place in NXT, but in the end, Scorpio came out victorious.

Also, this was the show where Finn Balor made his NXT debut as he defeated Wrestlezone Fan in a squash match to cement his place in NXT.

In the main event, Bo Dallas, Adam Cole, and Corey Graves all fought for the prestigious prize in all of NXT, the NXT Fan/Mark Championship where Corey Graves managed to claim the gold and become the third ever NXT Fan/Mark Champion.

Thank you everyone who have supported this from one day and hope we continue this for the foreseeable future.

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