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NXT’s Next Breakout Stars in 2019?: Impact Wrestling



Impact Wrestling is one of the most well-known wrestling companies in the United States today. Even though the company had a hard time in the past, they’re bouncing back and the talents within are extremely talented where at one point, WWE didn’t have an interest in Impact Wrestling stars until three years ago. Even though the company may have a bad reputation in the past, they’re making it up right now and you can’t deny the talent that they have and it looks like they’re going to continue with it in the near future.

For the past three years, NXT has picked up some wrestlers who are well known for their time in Impact Wrestling such as Samoa Joe, Xavier Woods, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, TJP, Zelina Vega, Jaxson Ryker, Mia Yim, Chelsea Green, and etc. It’s only a matter of time when WWE is planning to sign more talent from Impact Wrestling if they want to continue their tour of branding with recognizable stars.

This list won’t contain wrestlers that competed in NXT or the developmental territory of WWE in the past such as Eli Drake, KM, Matt Sydal, Katarina, Rich Swann, Su Yung, etc. so please keep that in mind.

Here’s the list I have about one year ago for NXT’s Next Breakout Stars in 2018?:

Impact Wrestling:

5. Eddie Edwards

4. LAX

3. Trevor Lee

2. Rosemary

1. Moose

Now, it’s time to see which five wrestlers from Impact Wrestling I think NXT will pick up or I want NXT to pick up in 2019.

Honorable Mentions: Alisha Edwards, Allie, Cult of Lee, Dezmond Xavier, DJ Z, Fallah Bahh, Grado, Desi Hit Squad, oVe, Joe Hendry, Jordynne Grace, Kiera Hogan, King, Kongo Kong, Petey Williams, Rosemary, Scarlett Bordeaux

5. Killer Kross

From Las Vegas, Nevada, Killer Kross is a man that will take out anyone in his way in order to reach the top of the wrestling world where he’s well known his character and charisma.

With four years of wrestling experience, this killer is looking to kill anyone in order to be the top man in professional wrestling. Even though he may not be the best wrestler in the world, he makes it up with his excellent look, great character, and great charisma in and outside of the ring.

Earlier this year, it was reported that WWE has a high interest in Killer Kross so NXT does have interest in him, but I don’t know if he’s willing to be a part of NXT as he seems content on what he’s doing right now. However, if he did get signed to NXT, he would be a dangerous threat to anyone that goes against him. Tick-tock!

4. Eddie Edwards

From Boston, Massachusetts, Eddie Edwards is a man that is possessed ever since his eye was almost taken out of his face where he has improved in terms of character and charisma in Impact Wrestling this year.

With sixteen years of wrestling experience, this crazy man will risk his life for professional wrestling. Even though he lacks in size, he makes it up with his great in-ring ability and he has improved his character and charisma this year.

He made an appearance with NXT five years ago when he was teaming up with Davey Richards known as American Pitbulls with his ring name being John Cahill at the time going against The Ascension. During that time, WWE did have an interest in him, but they didn’t sign him during that time because they believe that he was too small for the company at that time. However, for the past few years, WWE has changed in a sense that they started to sign talents who are small, but who are extremely talented in the ring as well as having character and charisma. Even though it’s very unlikely for Eddie Edwards to go to NXT at this moment as he seems very content with his position in Impact Wrestling at the moment, this man would do great in NXT whether it’s in singles or tag team competition. This man is crazy!

3. Tessa Blanchard

From Charlotte, North Carolina, Tessa Blanchard is a diamond shining brightly as she is becoming one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world today and she’s showcasing her skills in Impact Wrestling.

With four years of wrestling experience, this diamond is looking to shine brighter than she already has. With her good look, good character, good charisma, and excellent in-ring ability, she would shine brightly in the lights of the NXT Women’s division.

Last year, WWE had an interest in signing Tessa Blanchard due to her performance in the Mae Young Classic, but decided not to sign her because she had attitude problems back then. However, it looks like her attitude backstage has improved a bit and even though I don’t see Tessa Blanchard in NXT, she would definitely shine brightly in NXT because Tessa is forever!

2. LAX

Santana and Ortiz, LAX are one of the best tag teams in Impact Wrestling today due to their high octane style in the ring.

With six years as a tag team, these two have been 3x Impact Tag Team Champions due to their excellent chemistry, good characters, solid charisma, and great in-ring abilities.

I don’t know if NXT has an interest in them or not, but if they’re looking for more tag teams in NXT, LAX would be a nice addition to the NXT Tag Team division. Even though I don’t think that LAX has any interest in going to NXT at this time, they would be a dangerous threat in the NXT Tag Team division because they live and die, LAX!

1. Moose

From Seabrook, Maryland, Moose is a nation that will take out anyone in his way who is well known for his athletic ability for a man his size.

With six years of wrestling experience, this former NFL player showed that he may be new to the game, but he is willing to step his game up in order to be the best. With his great look and good in-ring ability for a man his size as well as improving his character and charisma, he would be great in the NXT Championship picture.

Two years ago, WWE had an interest in Moose, but didn’t sign him due to his past when he was an NFL player and got arrested due to domestic violence. However, the man has changed a lot to learn from his mistakes and he hasn’t done anything bad since then. Even though I don’t think Moose will go to NXT anytime soon, he would be a nation that will wreck everything in his path if he did get signed to NXT. Money Moose!

That is my top five wrestlers from Impact Wrestling who I think/want to be in NXT in 2019. Which wrestlers from Impact Wrestling would you like to see in NXT in 2019? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

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